Everyday Maintenance and Repair with Premium Parts from a Range of Vendors

Kingspeed Race and Repair offers service and parts for your daily driver, tow rig or competition vehicle. With skilled mechanics and top of the line repair equipment, Kingspeed guarantees that your job will be done right. With your needs at the forefront of every project, Kingspeed looks forward to using our expertise to make your pride and joy better than you could have ever imagined.

Chassis and Race Builds

With over 10 years of experience in drag racing and high-performance diesel trucks and gas cars, Kingspeed has the know-how to build your dream right the first time. With quality equipment and top of the line welders in house, we keep an eye on upcoming trends to make sure your vehicle has the chassis that can withstand whatever power you want to throw at it.

Custom Fabricated Parts and Engines

Kingspeed made the commitment in April of 2016 to purchase the equipment necessary to customize engines and build top of the line parts in house. With a RMC 4-axis CNC, Kingspeed can customize your engine to whatever specifications that you need to meet your horsepower goals. Along with an up and coming line of in house fabricated parts, it is sure that Kingspeed will continue to develop new parts and options that will surely be something that every horsepower junkie will need.

Cummins Machining Services

  • Surface Engine Block -$200
  • Surface Cylinder Head -$150
  • Fire Ring Block/Head -$250
  • 3 Angle Valve Job with Shroud Work -$295
  • Port and Polish with Factory Intake Shelf -$850
  • Remove Intake Shelf, Mill Flat -$350
  • Competition Port and Polish (Intake Shelf Removed) -$1500
  • Bore/Hone Block -$400
  • Bore for Top Hat Cylinder Sleeves, Final Hone -$675
  • Bore and Install Cam Bushings -$675
  • Bore, Install and Final Hone Lifter Bushings, Drill and Tap for Set Screws (Roller Cam) -$1200
  • Align Hone Mains -$215
  • Kingspeed Girdle and Machine Work Necessary -$1000
  • Polish Crankshaft -$125
  • Flycut Pistons (Set) -$240
  • Deck Pistons (Set) -$115

Contact us for a quote if you don't see what you are looking for listed. We also do machine work for Powerstroke, Duramax, GM LS/Gen V LT and Ford Coyote engine platforms! Custom Machining Inquires Always Welcome!!