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Kingspeed LLC

Kingspeed 03-09 Cummins Fabricated Catch Can

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Kingspeed Fabricated Catch Can Designed for 03-09 Cummins W/ Passenger Battery Removed.

We have heard countless times how frustrated Cummins owners are with their current crankcase evacuation system. Either they make a mess on your driveway, need to be drained constantly or just flat out don't work.

We have designed this internally baffled catch can to solve all of these problems for 03-09 Cummins owners who are willing to get rid of their passenger side battery. Using factory mounting holes, there is no drilling or cutting required for install. We offer the can by itself with filters, mounting bolts and (3) -10 bungs welded on for guys wanting to make their own evacuation lines catered to their setup.

If you are searching for a bolt on, install and forget system simply add the $150 install kit option and we will send you (2) -10 crankcase evacuation lines designed for use with our Kingspeed Billet Valve Cover as well as a -10 drain line and fittings required to return any oil that makes it into the catch can back into the oil pan via the secondary oil drain port in the block.